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Coming out publicly is difficult, but the power of the act will allow us to change hearts and minds by election day.

  1. Record a 1-2 minute video (what should I say?)
    1. Introduce yourself by name and city.
    2. Explain why you love Minnesota.
    3. Tell us why its important for you that Minnesota allow gays and lesbians the freedom to marry.
    4. Close by explicitly asking "for my benefit and the benefit of Minnesotans like me, please vote NO on November 6th".
  2. Upload to YouTube.
    1. Use a title like this: "Great Minnesota Outing, Your First Name Your Last Initial, Your Town" (i.e. Great Minnesota Outing, Jill K., St. Cloud).
    2. Add this description: "The Great Minnesota Outing ( is introducing Minnesotans to their gay and lesbian neighbors in advance of a November 6th vote that would limit the freedom of marriage in Minnesota . Visit to share your story or meet your neighbors."
  3. Fill out this form.
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